consumption of cannabis

There is a considerable gap for many people who are new to pot between understanding what a bong is and how it works. Bongs may be difficult to use at first, and not everyone has a knowledgeable companion to guide them through their first foamy pull of liquid-cooled smoke. Bongs, on the other hand, are simple to use after you have been shown how to use them and are a pleasurable part of the cannabis experience. The percolation sounds fantastic, and the hit is deep, strong, and delicious. You must get best bongs

If you are interested in smoking your first bong but don’t have a buddy or loved one to show you the ropes, here are some components of bongs, First and foremost, let’s go over some fundamental bong terminology.


This is the hole in the top through which you will inhale the smoke (it should go without saying, but just in case: place your lips inside the mouthpiece, not around it). This is also where you pour your water into most bongs to fill them.

consumption of cannabis


This is where you put your cannabis. On one end, there will be a bowl connected to a narrow tube. The tube is what enters and exits the downstem.


This tiny tube with a rubber or plastic collar is angled into the chamber, pointing downward. When you are pulling smoke into the chamber, you slide your bowl into the downstem and then back out to take your hit. You must buy best bongs to get its fullest use.


Some bongs, particularly those made of plastic, will feature a tiny hole towards the top of the spherical base. This is the carb, which you cover with your finger to control the quantity of air and smoke you are drawing.

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