Screen Time Guide For Children Parents Need to Know

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Screens are everywhere. From televisions, gadgets, computers, kids nowadays have easy access to screens. And if you are the type of family who spends time regularly watching movies, then you should think about your kids’ screen time and what’s appropriate for their age. If you are streaming the latest blockbuster films at yesmovies, then make sure that you understand more about screen time first before you let your kids do it.

Screen Time Rules For Younger Kids

It is very important that you as the parent or guardian understand the screen time rules, especially for young children. According to experts, children who are younger than two years old should be discouraged to use media, except for video chatting with family. And for kids who are 2- to 5-years-old,  make sure that you limit their screen time to one hour per day.

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What they watch should also be strictly monitored to be high-quality and educational programming. It would be best that you preview the programs they watch. Use parental controls to filter out inappropriate internet content. Make your child understand that you should be around when they want to start streaming movies online. This way, you can easily monitor and supervise them. And while watching a film with your child, discuss and educate as much as possible.

Screen time Rules for Older Kids

Sometimes, it is difficult to set down rules for older kids when it comes to their screen time. But as a parent, it is crucial that you make your children understand the downfalls of spending too much time on their screens. You can consider using apps that can help control the time that your child spends using a device. Although you cannot always be beside them when they stream movies online, so you have to make sure that you pick a streaming site that you can trust, like yesmovies.

Watching Movies for Free

Watch Movies Online

Streaming movies online has become easier. If you are looking for movies that you can watch with your children, you can always visit the yesmovies streaming site. Here, you can pick movies for your family depending on your preference. But you have to make sure that you follow the recommended screentime for kids depending on their age.

You have to remember that as your child goes older,  your tactics in screen time change too. Be aware of the tips mentioned above. Also, you need to ensure that you tailor-fit your rules and decision in picking the right movie or shows for your kids to watch. So only stream from trusted movie streaming sites like yesmovies.

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