Facts you should update about dog fights

To put it simply, dog fights are a cruel blood sport in which dogs are raised and trained to fight one another in a pit for spectator pleasure and profit. Fights last around an hour and a half, or until one of the dogs cannot continue the war any longer. It is very uncommon for dogs engaged in dogfights to suffer severe and fatal injuries. In most of these battles, the dogs involved have been bred and trained, particularly for fighting, which necessitates a life of neglect and cruelty from the time they are puppies. Injuries sustained in dogfights are often severe and include deep puncture wounds, shattered bones, and abrasions.

Blood loss, shock, dehydration, fatigue, and infection are common causes of death for the dogs involved in these competitions. The training of other dogs is often performed on otherwise healthy dogs born “cold” or won’t fight

It’s encouraging criminal activities to grow.

Many horrific aspects of this illicit blood sport have been uncovered in raids by law enforcement throughout the years. Animal cruelty, aggression, and disregard for the law are all promoted by the presence of young children at these events. Dogfights are a popular venue for illegal gambling, with bets of thousands of dollars. Due to its profitability, dogfighting is prevalent in organized crime and on the streets. Guns and other weapons have also been discovered during dogfights because of the high amounts of cash present, which makes the selling and consumption of illicit narcotics prevalent. Other forms of violence, including murder, have also been linked to dogfighting.

The difference in the battle against dog fighting

Learn to recognize the telltale symptoms of dogfighting. Alert your local law enforcement agency if you think a dog fightoccurs in your area. Encourage authorities to contact the Humane Society of the United States for help. It’s time for dogfight spectators to write to their state lawmakers and ask them to make it a felony in those places where it is still a misdemeanor to attend one.

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