Engaging Screenplay Makes Jiivi 2 a Good Thriller

Have you Watched the first sequel of the movie Jiivi? It was a marvelous movie with an engaging screenplay and a great plot. The first sequel of the movie gained quite an admiration from the words; therefore, the movie came up with a sequel to this excellent movie, jiivi 2.

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The cast of jiivi 2

The movie jiivi 2 Has been directed by the excellent director VJ Gopinath. The excellent actors who performed in the movie are Vetri, Karunakaran, Rohini, Mime Gopi, and Rama.

All the actors are noticed to play excellent roles throughout the movie. It was a hand-on-hand creation of the director along with the actors to create this engaging screenplay.

Jiivi 2: Director V.J. Gopinath Reveals Writing The Script Of The Sequel In  2 Just Days

The plot of jiivi 2

The second sequel of Jiivi 2 begins with the marriage of Kavita and Saravanan. Soon it is noticed that the couple is in the hands of managing funds for the eye surgery required by Kavita. However, this noble plan does not go as planned, and Saravanan falls into the temptation of stealing money.

Further, it is accompanied by old connection and trouble that was buried deep under. All these old revelations made it quite difficult for the couple to survive peacefully. Further in the plot, it is noticed that Sarvanan gets on his own Tempest to find out the real happenings for all the trouble to his problem.

What to expect from jiivi 2?

It is assumed that all the viewers who have watched the movie were constantly attracted to their screens. Both the sequels of the movie have been so well linked to each other that it makes the viewers love the movie more. As the plot is so well connected to each other, they find the plot more relatable.

Watch the Thriller and Mysterious Movie.

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